Quality Hotel - Prosperity Toss of Abundance

Prosperity Toss of Abundance

The Year of the Wooden Goat represents solidarity, harmony, calmness and period of prosperity as well as wellbeing.

It's time for a resplendent feast of Prosperity Toss or Yee Sang (raw fish salad) to usher in the prosperous Lunar New Year at the Meisan Szechuan Restaurant, Quality Hotel City Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The 250 room hotel, popularly known for its buffet halal dim sum, is ideally located in the heart of business and shopping districts of Kuala Lumpur.  Within walking distance to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) station and Monorail station, which takes you to various city attractions around the city.

Meisan offers halal gourmet indulgences with decadent set menus and new creations of symbolic expressions of good fortune, prosperity, happiness, wealth and abundance for the Chinese New Year.

Yee Sang, a traditional dish serves as an appetizer during lunch or dinner course to usher the New Year, is an assortment of small strips raw fish mixed with shredded carrots, capsicum, kaffir lime leaves, young ginger, cucumber, red chili and Chinese parsley. It is then mixed with chopped nuts, toasted sesame seeds and pomelo wedges. Finally, everything is mixed and ready for tossing with a mixture of plum sauce, honey, limes, five-spice powder, pepper sesame oil, kumquat paste and rice vinegar.

The ritual of Yee Sang, cultural activity for Chinese living in Singapore and Malaysia, is to toss the mixed ingredients high in the air with joyfully exclamations of "Loh Hey", which literally means to ‘move upwards’ and symbolically wish for fortunes, abundant of luck and happiness throughout the year for all.

As the auspicious year of the goat trots in on 19 February 2015, the celebration at the Meisan begins earlier from 2 February to 3 March 2015, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm daily.


Exquisite Yee Sang: Symbol of prosperity, happiness and wealth

Resident chefs, Chef Sakya Hamid and Chef Chiew Kok Kwang, meticulously concocted exclusive palatable menus of Pearl Yee Sang (vegetable), Salmon Yee Sang and also Abalone Yee Sang at RM48.00++ to RM268.00++ for an intimate a sumptuous gala family and business associates gathering.

'Lo Hey': Tossing the Yee Sang
In addition, the Chefs are also exclusively preparing delectable set dishes full of symbolic expressions of good fortune and happiness for 10 people at RM688.00++ to RM888.00++.

The special set menu are Lau Lau Fatt Choy Yee Sang served with salmon fish fillet, seafood soup with crabmeat, sea bass with sweet and sour sauce, deep fried chicken with lemon sauce, grilled salted egg shrimp, ‘pak choy’ with Japanese tofu and black mushrooms, Meisan fried rice and longan with sea coconut for dessert.

Fresh 'pak choy' (left) vegetable and the all-time favourite sweet and sour sea bass (right).

Grilled salted egg shrimp (left) and deep fried chicken with lemon sauce (right).

Halal Yee Sang: Meticulously concocted by Chef Sakya Hamid (left) and Chef Chiew Kok Kwang (right)

Quality Hotel City Centre wishes all Chinese guests and patrons Gong Xi Fa Cai (“Congratulations for your wealth”) and Wan Shi Ru Yi (“May all your wishes be fulfilled”).

Meisan Szechuan Restaurant, Quality Hotel City Centre, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur. Operating hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily. Tel: 03-2614 8000. JAKIM Certified HALAL.